Maryland 2010 Spring Samboree Photos

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Shirley makes a toss for a homerun in the Samboree Bean Bag Baseball Tournament.
Sid showing the smooth swing that helped the team win second place.
Linda makes a toss for a double.
Bill makes a toss to bring in another run.
Carlos doing his best to toss for the cycle.
Frank shows the proper technique for tossing horseshoes.
Dishing out Shirley's delicious ham and bean soup and the donated baked goodies to the hungry customers are Linda, Jannette, Bob, Sid, Shirley and Hatti.
The Money Tree that we sold raffle tickets for.
The Sunday afternoon Ice Cream Social found us all too preoccupied to talk.
Bill tied for guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar.  They both missed the actual count by one jelly bean!
For the second time in a row Frank wins the Money Tree.  Some people have all the luck!
Video highlights of our experiences at the Samboree.

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