Candy Hill 2006

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Ken, Celie, Linda and Jim relax before the Chapter meeting.
Bob, Hatti and Tom sit watching something of mutual interest.
Eric and Mary return the stares.
Deb reviews the minutes of the previous meeting.
Judy and Debbie chat before Mary calls the meeting to order.
Frank plays two cards in the evening round of Bingo.
Debbie, Linda and Jim pose for a photo.
Mary and Frank pose for the camera.
Celie and Ken take their turn at stardom.
Quaint setting at the Farmer's Market.
Tom takes a break while Jim stands watch.
The streetcar named Desire.
Folks board the streetcar for a tour around town.
Judy and Linda chat after their ride on the streetcar.
Mary, Jim and Linda check out the locally grown apples.
Ken takes a break from the rigors of shopping.
Judy keeps on shopping as Debbie takes a break with her basket of peaches.
Mary inspects the pies for one with her name on it.
Linda tells Jim about the must have item she has found.
Celie gets the goods.
Mary and Debbie give their legs a rest.
Linda carries her apples while Ken continues to keep the bench company.
The gang returns to the campsite.